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Sensual massage

What is it for?

Today the pace of life is intensive, and people are separated from each other by iron boxes of their cars or by cold masks of indifference. In such conditions we don`t have an opportunity to touch each other even with our eyes, not mentioning thoughtful embraces. As a result, each person gets short of body interaction. And a body, as a live structure, needs tenderness, attention, and communication. With the skills of Sensual Massage you`ll be able to give this feeling of care and attention to those people who are near you and whom you love so much that you are ready to do something to make them happy. It can be your lover or your kid. Any touch, deliberate and realized with the deep understanding of the body and with sincere love, gives health and leads to happiness!

What is it?

This is a technique which helps you and your partner to gain full rapport and trust at the level of the body and feelings. This is a skill to bring your partner to the state of relaxation, satisfaction and love. This is a way to interact and communicate without any words which so often alienate us rather than give understanding. This is a constant process of perceiving the world through yourself, yourself through your partner, your partner through touches.

For whom is it?

For those who want to become better, who wants to learn how to give joy to the beloved, to become more attentive and sensitive to the needs and preferences of the nearest people, to make them happy and to become happy in this. For those who love to learn something new and are ready to move into Sensuality!

In future it will help you to enjoy relations and bring more colors and joy into them!

Course “The basics of Sensual Massage”

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