«I`d like everyone in the world lived easier and happier!»
Maria Vybornova



Meditation, most of all, refers to the state of immediate being in the present. It is considered that in this very state a person can touch his/her inner source and live through a really true, unreasonable feeling of happiness.

In order to learn to feel this state there are many different techniques, including absolutely absurd and unclear for a human mind. For many people the practice of meditation is simple contemplation of the inner space and any of its manifestations, in full silence and immobility. It is likely! At least, it is described approximately in this way in the spiritual writings of different Mystics.

But there is another kind of techniques which are aimed at a very fussy and mobile mind of a modern person. It is very hard to stay motionless more than 5 minutes, not mentioning inner silence and contemplation. It is very difficult in the conditions of a real life rhythm in which we move. In this case there are nonstandard techniques which help to feel the state of meditation. These techniques are more dynamic and almost always consist of several stages, that doesn`t let the Consciousness sleep and the mind interfere. As a rule, they finish with simple contemplation of inner space, in silence and immobility. And it happens! Because all the previous stages lead you to it.

Meditation, or the state of full inner silence, helps to live a richer and happier life, full of genial ideas, interesting events and love.

Different techniques for reaching the state of Meditation are suitable for people with various spirits and attitudes of mind. If you wish to enter into and percept this state, choose the way more efficient for you, and try to go deeper and deeper.

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