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Singing bowls: the history

In the beginning there moved the Great Silence and it created the Sound. These vibrations produced the thin and rough forms. In artistic myths all over the world a sound is indicated as a womb, from which the visible and invisible appeared.

In the Bronze Age in China around 1600 and around the 11th century BC there were known little metal bowls which are the oldest things described as “singing bowls”. In the 6th century BC the Chinese develop the production of metal alloys from which bells with excellent sound are made. At the period of Confucianism in the 5th century BC ancient kings were cautious about the things which influenced the heart. It was said that sound vibration came from the sky and left an imprint on the heart – the place where harmony appears. In those days it was the tones and music of rituals which balanced the inner feelings of people and their outer behavior, that served for keeping peace in the country. A singing bowl is a significant experience which is lived through with a heart.

Today bowls are still used as temple bells without tongues. Small sparkling golden bowls with thin walls are, as a rule, Japanese. Rather thin bowls with concave edges are mostly made in India. In Tibetan Buddhism metal dishes and bowls for offerings, placed on altars in monasteries, are distinguished ritual things. It explains the meaning of their special sound which contains the emanations of the cradle of harmony. A real Tibetan bowl contains more silver and tin, that gives it a matt cool shade, but Nepal bowls have golden shine.

Traditionally, bowls consist of seven metals. Each metal refers to its planet in the Solar system.

Gold – the Sun

Silver – the Moon

Mercury – Mercury

Copper – Venus

Iron – Mars

Tin – Jupiter

Lead – Saturn

Hot metal was poured onto a flat stone and, when it became cooler, was shaped into a bowl, under the maximum tension, without cracks. In these days, nomadic blacksmiths seem to disappear, and, unfortunately, their secret knowledge died with them. Singing bowls have different sound which depends on the metals they contain. Each metal shows individual sound and vibration which carries its own unique sound healing.

Relaxation with bowls, effect.

  • The recovery of energetic balance
  • Decreasing stress and involvement into emotions
  • Decreasing tension
  • The development of creativity and imagination
  • The uplift of vitality
  • The balance of cerebral hemispheres
  • The harmonization of one`s body, Spirit and Soul
  • Gives the positive image of oneself and enhances the rights and abilities of self-assertion
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