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Bath therapy

Банная терапия

Since the dawn of time the bath was an integral part of a Russian lifestyle.

“To wash in the bath is to rebirth”. Bathing procedures served not only as weekly hygiene but as a health-improving ritual. “The day you take a steam bath you don`t get older”, “The bath is the second mother: steams bones, corrects everything” –many proverbs and sayings tell us about the healing power of a hot steam. I practice bathing from my school age. Maybe that is why I`m often said that I look 10 years younger than my real age. But it happened so that the bath art has also become a sphere of professional interests for me. Somebody can think it is strange – what is so special about a bath procedure? Nevertheless, in the bath everything matters: the besom, how a bath-house attendant operates the steam, and even what you ate yesterday… The bath is the whole art. Believe me!

In our country there hasn`t been the bath culture for a long time. At the period of perestroika there appeared a stereotype that the bath is a kind of entertainment with alcohol and related services. Fortunately, today the bath is again becoming a health-improving and basically healing ritual: “ You go to the bath not to drink wine but wash your body: wash, steam, feel well”

Банная терапияThe bath without steam is the same as shchi without fat”. Many people ask how to steam correctly. I`ll open you some secrets with pleasure. Don`t go to the bath hungry or with a full stomach or, more of that, drunk. Besides, never go into the steam room for the first time right after coming from the cold air. Get adapted to the room temperature, drink some herbal tea, and only after that go into the steam room. The first start is not long, “till the tenth drop from your nose”, as they said in old times. The following are longer, with the besom beating and alternate rest in the waiting room. By the way, I advise hypotensive patients to start the besom beating from the back and neck, and hypertensive patients – from the legs and stomach. “The bath turns any disease out the body”. Usually it is enough to go into the steam room for three times to get the softest and deepest warming. The main thing is to remember that the bath is a drastic procedure and there shouldn`t be any fanaticism in it! All the nuances of bathing ceremonies are described in my book “The bath massage” which has run through two editions in Russia and has been translated into Lithuanian.

“In the bath the besom is more valuable than money”, “The besom is the boss in the bath”The besom is the key moment in the bath. With it you can operate the steam and do Russian besom massage. An oak besom has tough wide leaves which are convenient to force vapor to the body with. This kind of besoms is the best for those who love deep warming. A birch besom has an evident massage impact, and a cade one gives the effect of light acupuncture. “The Russian bone likes heat”.

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