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Studying Tibetan sound massage with Singing Bowls (nada yoga, nada massage)

The number of participants – 4!

Course "Sound vibration-acoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls (nada yoga, nada massage). The full course

We all know that a sound can be either pleasant or not. It can heal, but it also can killa person who is influenced by it. Unique sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls is an ancient healing method, which has come to us from “The Roof of the World” – Tibet. Masters passed their knowledge about working with singing bowls from mouth to mouth, and singing bowls – from hand to hand. At present there are very few places where people make those mystical ritual things which can heal not only a soul but also a body. And there still exist Masters who have kept their unique knowledge through the generations of their ancestors to give modern people possibility to get in touch with the sacred power of singing bowls.

About the seminar:

This is the author`s course of Viktor Oguy, developed after his studying at the Masters of “Singing Bowls” in Nepal, Tibet, India and the Northern Himalayas (Ladakh) who have been collecting or producing those unique bowls for many years, or have been traditionally using them in meditations and healing.

The seminar consists of two parts (modules) which complement each other both logically and methodologically.

The uniqueness of the seminar:

  • Master <? echo $name[$set]; ?>studied and was initiated at the keepers of the Traditions of the Tibetan sound massage (in Nepal, India, Tibet, Ladakh).
  • Master has significant practical experience of carrying the Sound massage! I.e. he is practicing those techniques not “from time to time”, but practically every day! Not only for himself, but for his patients!
  • Regular implementation of those techniques is the part of the Master`s basic income, which allows him totravel around the Places of Power regularly and study from the keepers of the Tradition!
  • Master has medical education, has been practicing massage for 20 years, was working as a masseur in a hospital for 9 years, which means that massage is his basic professional activity.
  • Master regularly applies the soundmassage with Tibetan singing bowls within theprocedures of classical Russian massage at different diseases.
  • At the seminar Master gives information referring to thenormal human physiology and anatomy, as to the fine anatomy and energetic aspects.
  • Master has integrated some healing practices (incl. Reiki, Myung-Cho Reiki, Traditional Tibet medicine, YuthokNyingthig) into Traditional methods ofthe soundmassage with Tibetan singing bowls. He has also adapted some traditional techniques and knowledge of the Masters of Sound to modern social conditions.
  • The seminar gives the exact technology of applyingTibetan singing bowls in independent practice, and there also is some intuitional aspect. I.e. right after the seminar you will be able to use them in your practice!
  • Master shares his EXPERIENCE! I.e. he transmits his skills obtained during regular practice with Tibet singing bowls!
  • You DON`T have to possess psychic abilities or musical ear – the methods transferred by Master will be effective even without that! Of course, with regular deliberate practice!
    Master has huge experience in effective teaching classical Russian massage and bathing art (from 1999), and also has teacher education.
  • The location of the seminar is in Russia! It means, you don`t have to spend money on a tripabroad.

The advantage of Tibetan sound massage with singing bowls over other similar techniques:

  • There is no direct tactile contact with a patient.
  • It is done in clothes.
  • You don`t need consumables.
  • You don`t need special esoteric or psychic abilities.
  • A minimal needed set of bowls can be easily taken with you.
  • It has minimum contra-indications.
  • It can be done by practicians without medical education or musical ear.
  • It allows the specialist to develop himself during practice!
  • It has wholesome, harmonizing and preventive influence upon both massaged and massaging people. 
  • There is no aspect of using personal energy in the practice ofTibetan sound massage with singing bowls – sound and vibration work.

Module 1 "The basics of sound massage and  meditation"

You will know:

  • The history of how singing bowls appeared
  • What kinds of bowls exist, and what their features and differences are
  • What the difference is between good and regular bowls
  • How and why bowls can be used
  • About the influence of bowls on the human organism and psyche 
  • How to choose the appropriate bowl for meditation or massage

<? echo $name[$set]; ?>You will try:

  • To feel the influence of bowls
  • To fulfill the easiest meditation with bowls

You will learn how:

  • To fulfill the easiest methods of sound massage
  • To fulfill meditation with bowls


You willbe able:

  • To choose and acquire the bowl appropriate right for you
  • In future, to take Module 2 and deepen your knowledge and practical skills in that sphere


This seminar is for those who are:

  • Interested in self-development
    • Seeking after inner balance
    • Interested in psychology or practicing psychology
    • Interested in music and sound
    • Seeking after healing themselves or their family
    • Practicing yoga and meditation
    • Going to or longing for or has strong intention to plunge into the world of harmony


Module 2 "The methods of sound vibration-acoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls”

You will know about:

  • the methods of applying Tibetan singing bowls
  • Massage “The Sound Bath”
  • Vibration massage
  • The harmonization od aura
  • The purifying of rooms
  • Water structuring
  • Charging oils and elixirs
  • The harmonization of psycho-emotional state
  • The cases from Master`s practice
  • Preventive abilities of Tibetan singing bowls

You will learn how:

  • To harmonize your psycho-emotional background
  • To help yourself and others with the assistance of Tibetan singing bowls
  • The methods of sound vibration-acoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls

You will be able:

  • To fulfill sound massage with singing bowls
  • To fulfill vibration massage with singing bowls
  • To deepen your understanding of the processes which happen during the influence of bowls on the organism
  • To use the knowledge and skills you`ll receive for doing sound massage and meditations
  • To have meditation lessons with bowls
  • To choose and acquire the bowl appropriate for your individual practice

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  • Those who have attended Module 1
  • Specialists who use body-oriented practices in their occupation
  • Yoga teachers and yoga instructors
  • Masseurs and healers

For both seminar modules please take with you:

  • A worksheet and a pen
  • Comfortable NON-synthetic clothes
  • A shawl or blanket, a pillow for meditations
  • Shoes for change
  • If you already have a bowl or bowls, it is highly recommended to take them to the seminar
  • 2 photos (3х4, or for passport)for the certificate

Information video is available here: http://youtu.be/35xi4H2xF9M

Video from the previous master class: http://youtu.be/evXfCIzEosE

Feedback from the previous seminars

After having completed two modules participants receive a personal certificate and a DVD with video materials on this seminar!

(the time is given approximately “from to”!!! Please specify directly before the seminar!)

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