«I`d like everyone in the world lived easier and happier!»
Maria Vybornova


Astrology in Nizhny Novgorod

Can we change our lives and become happy? Totally happy?!

Yes, we can! For that it is enough to follow the energies of the planets, which influenced us at the moment of our birth.

In August 2013, in the Place of Power – at Lake Svetloyar – I was lucky to take the courses «The newest cosmic psychology: The Formula of the Soul», «The Karmic medicine», «Chiromancy» - directly from the author of these unique courses, Alexander Astrogor.

Under the direct supervising of Alexander Astrogor I made and upheld the qualification paper on the Interpretation of the Formula of the Soul of Osho Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and received the right to teach the special course on Astropsychology «The Formula of the Soul».


The course «The Formula of the Soul» has the following basic parts:

  1. Psychology of a personality
  2. Vocational guidance
  3. Family psychology
  4. The psychology of compatibility in work teams

I`m especially glad that I had an opprtunity to study and get Initiation (!) directly from the author of the method «The Formula of the Soul: the newest cosmic psychology», Alexander Astrogor. His very Initiation and something that is called Direct Transfer in esoterics let me Feel the immediate and direct connection with Astrology and the Master!

Here is an example of the description of Astrogor`s method made by Nikolay Yumanov, the doctor of psychology, the head of the International scientific research training and advisory center of applied acmeology and meta-information:

«Having studied the theory and methods of the formula of the soul, using it in my practice for over five years, I am still surprised with the accuracy and universality of this technology in assessment human personality and prognosing the success of his/her self-realization in different aspects of his/her life.

I can take the responsibility of saying that Astrogor`s astropsychological tools don`t misfire in practice. I, as a psychologist, see everything that is wtitten in the horoscope and the formula of the soul of a person and I define purely psychological processes, which make the essence of psychology as a fundamental science, as a part of natural science».


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