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Tibetan sounds

What does a bowl sing?

One singing bowl is the Treasure. A set of bowls singing together is the Miracle.

Singing bowls which appeared before Buddhism, at the period of Bon On in the Himalayas, were often called “Tibetan singing bowls”. Actually, they are made in Bhutan, Nepal, India or Tibet. The culture of the bowls goes back to the end of the Bronze Age in China, around 3000 years ago, and reaches its territorial extension to Burma and Indo-China.  

Some sources say that the bowls were made of seven sacral metals, in the accordance with seven well-known planets.

Gold – the Sun

Silver – the Moon

Mercury – Mercury

Copper – Venus

Iron – Mars

Tin – Jupiter

Lead – Saturn

A legend says about the meteorite iron found at the top of the Himalayas, about a sky metal. Unlike some Tibetan sound devices, mentioned in the Tibetan Buddhist canon, there is practically no information about singing bowls, in spite of the fact that some of the bowls  were found in monasteries and private houses. The Tibetans avoid answering the question about using the bowls, saying that the bowls were just vessels for food. For example, when a woman got pregnant she was eating from such a bowl in order to get homeopathic doses of the seven metals to sustain the necessary quantity of minerals in her organism. But it is hard to imagine that a piece of handiwork which can make vibrations of five different tones simultaneously, each of them sounding in accordance with its frequency, and which can hold a vibration for minutes, was designed as a container for seeds.

We need to clarify and understand that the deep basic meaning of bowls in the Tibetan culture is not only in their functioning as a vessel for eating and keeping food, but in using their sound for ritual offerings to gods and deities. Therefore the sound was clear and universal, it was worthy of being offered to the Highest Order. Some sources say that it is prohibited to talk about the bowls even within monasteries and that Higher Lamas used them in their rituals to travel into other dimensions and worlds.

Legends say that the secrets of the bowls` sounds have so much power that they should be hidden. They say that the very process of listening to the sound of singing bowls helps to stop the inner dialogue. It happens because the activity of the intellectual center pauses, and the activity of the sensitive center is activated. So, a bowl is an excellent instrument for meditation, bringing a person to the feeling of centering and the state of trance. They were used by healers for balancing a human energy field. The sound and feeling of the vibration of a big singing bowl on the chest or stomach is transferred through the skeletal system, through the whole body which, as we know, consists of 80%water.Water is an excellent vehicle of sound, it gives a powerful and unspeakable effect. Extended shift of many vibrations gives to the organism an absolute rest at the cell level. Thanks to these features, singing bowls are included into different healing systems.

Singing bowls can be and often are used in composing music, in the music of different cultures, unusual for our Western ears. Bowls with multitone sound are the competitors of regular world sounds in shaping our perception of reality.

Therapists, yoga teachers, sound therapists, musicians, those who practice meditation, study and use the work with these wonderful Sky sounds.

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