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Yoga for the pregnant

Йога для беременных

This wonderful period is especially important for a woman. At this very moment it is necessary to pay more attention to yourself and your health. Especially there is enough time and a very “heavy reason”.

But, till this “heavy reason” hasn`t become heavier, you need to think about the changes in your program of physical exercises in order not to do harm but, just the opposite, support the easy and natural period of expecting a baby. Even if doctors are worried about your state and make frightful diagnoses, such techniques as light pranayama (respiratory exercises), yoga Nidra (exercises for relaxation), mantra yoga (work with sounds) will become the best friends of you and your baby, will help to relatively improve your health during pregnancy and increase the possibility of easy and painless childbirth. 

Never ignore the doctor`s recommendations, bot don`t forget that there are lots of variants how you can help yourself and your future little kid to be in the state of comfort and joy while waiting for his/her birth.

Yoga for the pregnant in its classicalform is meant specially for healthy pregnant women who don`t have contraindications marked by the doctor in the clinic where a woman is under observation. The classes are adapted to this period in a woman`s life and consider all the peculiarities of her organism and the organism of her baby.

At the classes women can:

  • save (increase) physical, emotional and energetic tone;
  • learn the basic principles of diving into relaxation;
  • make a step to deeper emotional and energetic feelings in the interaction with the baby;
  • save their bodies in an excellent shape without interfering into the process of bearing a little baby;
  • improve their health in general (in particular, the following is possible: the preventive measures against overweight, lessening pain during childbirth, stabilization of the emotional state, decreasing the risk of hypoxia of the baby, stabilization of  digestion and the state of blood);
  • make a significant step towards increasing the sensitivity to their bodies and to the baby`s mood through the ability to dive into relaxation;
  • relatively lessen the possibility (or dispose) of unpleasant feelings duting pregnancy (nausea, headache, asthenia, constipation, varicose veins and others);
  • save and multiply their female attractiveness;
  • increase the possibility of easy childbirth or learn to live through this process without making it difficult for themselves and babies.
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