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Travel to Small Tibet. Ladakh 2013

+ studies-practice TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS in TIBET

Путешествие в Малый Тибет. Ладакх 2013

So, what is Ladakh and why Small Tibet?

Ladakh is calledSmall Tibet because its only difference from Big Tibet has always been in the size of its territory. All the rest that we habitually associate with the word Tibet is present in Ladakh, as well as in Big Tibet which belongs to China nowadays. Small Tibet is situated on the territory of India. The Indus river was and is the principal river nourishing the lands and the people of Ladakh. There are no prominent peaks; an average mountain height a bit less than 6000 m, and some of the passes are lower than 5000 m. Ladakh is called “the land of passes” because there are incredible lots of them, and in ancient times if someone needed to get to Ladakh, the only way was through many and many passes. And at present everything is the same, only now we can use an airplane to reach the famous sacred land of Lamas. Through Small Tibet there laid the famous “silk road”, where caravans with goods were moving from Big Tibet to India and Nepal and backwards. When China conquered Big Tibet the trade roads were closed.

Here crossed the roads of Buddha and Jesus. In the search of “Truth” Buddha made his way from Nepal and India through Ladakh to Tibet, and Jesus, just the opposite, was returning from Big Tibet through the land of Ladakh. This place is still sacred, and nowadays there are real ancient functioning monasteries, not touched by time and people, in each of them pilgrims should take their shoes off, which means the highest homage to the Shrine. There are alive all the Buddhist traditions and religious festivals are celebrated according ot the Tibetan calendar. Sacred monasteries, caves, thangkas, statues, mortars, Oracles, mountains, lakes!!! This is only a small list of what you can see there.

Why Singing Bowls in Tibet?!

You know that Tibetan Singing Bowls have come to us from Tibet. That is why we`ve got an idea to organize studying how to work with these MAGICAL objects of POWER directly on the ROOF OF THE WORLD, where they were born, where there is the most important thing for their HEALING POWER – SILENCE. Of course, these are the Himalayas, Small Tibet, Ladakh.

In the program of our trip:<? echo $name[$set]; ?>

  • Studying of work with Singing Bowls,
  • Practical work (individual and with bowls) in the places of Power(monasteries, caves, mountains),
  • Visits to the most ancient monasteries of Small Tibet, the most beautiful lakes,
  • Attendance of services and Rituals,
  • Meeting with the famous Oracle (Lha mo),
  • Consultation at the Doctor of Tibetan Medicine(Amchi).

And also each participant will have an opportunity to obtain the best Singing Bowls, drugs of Tibetan Medicine, Ritual objects and the objects of Power. And, of course, many others. Our travel includes an 8-day walking trip along the area absolutely inaccessible for cars, there few people and much tome for individual and group practices. We will visit monasteries which are over 1000 years old, where all the traditions were saved relatively intact. There is the power which was nourishing the Higher Lamas and Yogis for many thousands of years, and nowadays we can touch its purity and catch a train of Enlightenment of Buddha and Jesus.

Our travel will take 20 days. And since not everyone can leave for such long time, we`ve divided one program into three parts. So, we want more people to be able to touch the Miracle of the interaction with Singing Bowls in the Himalayas, and upon the whole to visit that place of Power in Small Tibet. In this way our 20days are just split into5and15days. That is those who will go for the lesser period also get the full studies of work with Bowls, but they will leave the group earlier. These differences are marked in a detailed program.

We invite you to join us in our travel!!!

Photogallery "Ladakh – Small Tibet"

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